Your Financial Independence

Is our bottom line.

Net Worth in Focus

Our mission is to help clients realize their wealth building potential and take full advantage of the best wealth creation vehicles on the planet, the US & International capital markets. The truth is, the traditional financial services industry is set up to benefit not only the client, but the financial industry itself. The result, most investors overpay for overall underperformance.

Established in 2004, Marathon was founded with these deficiencies in mind. Every decision we make has the client’s best interest at heart. Our industry knowledge & expertise, together with our investment philosophy, puts our client in a much better position to maximize their investing potential.

About Us

Cost Conscious

Our industry tries to pick winners for you. This results in targeted market exposure together with exorbitantly high fees.

At Marathon, we believe in efficient total market exposure. This sets the client up for greater success while allowing us to keep the costs extremely low.


The traditional advisory firm operates through the rear-view mirror, always looking backwards. You'll get calls after the fact and annual portfolio reviews discussing the year that was, what happened and why.

Marathon is unique in that we are always looking out the windshield. We use time-honored and data-driven indicators in an attempt to predict major market moves and take advantage of market dislocations.

True Tactical Management

To the average advisor, money management means little because someone else is likely doing it. Typically the actual investment decisions fall on another associate within your advisor’s firm, but the responsibility can even be outsourced to an entirely different company.

Our money management is done in-house. Your advisor is your manager. In addition, your portfolio is kept totally streamlined and liquid. This enables us to react, in real-time, to changes in our market data.

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